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We will get you results to help you achieve your goals. We are successful when you are successful; we'd love to form a partnership with you. SPIRIT 105.9 is family safe and has built trust with our listeners. SPIRIT 105.9 serves the Christian life group in Austin with FM broadcast and digital platforms. SPIRIT 105.9 is an effective conduit to reach the Christian life group in Austin.

As you get ready to place your advertising buy, feel free to browse our website to determine which products would be best for you and your business. Or, give us a call so we can get you in touch with a SPIRIT marketing expert to customize a campaign for you. Click HERE to contact our team now.

How much does it cost?

Typically, an advertiser should expect to invest a minimum of $1,000 a week to reach a portion of our SPIRIT listeners, and $2,000+ to reach more of our listening audience. We use these numbers as a guide because it generally takes at least this amount to generate enough exposure and repetition to achieve results for your advertising campaign. There are also a variety of additional services we offer including digital advertising, text, mobile and e-mail advertising starting at around $700 a month. Our in-house digital marketing team will work closely with you to develop custom solutions, including: SEO, Ad Network, Reputation Management, PPC and Social Media Consulting. 

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Digital Stats - March 2018

  Average  Website VisitsAverage Display Click Through RateTotal Streaming HoursE-Newsletter Database
Facebook LikesMobile App Downloads




   5,955   55,811 43,213

Cume:  158,400+

Cume Source: Nielson Audio Jan 2018 cume P6+ M-Su 6a-12a

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