Video Pre-Roll

VideoPreroll-REV.gifAVAILABLE ON 
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Video Pre-Roll is a :15 second video commercial that will automatically play before our listeners begin streaming  music online; it cannot be skipped or fast forwarded.

Why Video Pre-Roll?

  • Video Pre-Roll gets results. While our display CTR QuestionMark.png comes in high for national display average-our Video Pre-Roll is a slam dunk on results with a 2.0% CTR average!
  • All Video Pre-Roll packages receive a 234x60 companion banner ad that’s there the entire time a listener streams creating constant top-of-mind awareness.
  • Placed within our new Studio Lounge experience, our streaming player is extremely interactive for our users. Song playlists, album art, artist bios, lyrics, purchase links, videos, and social media connections are all placed in our Studio Lounges to engage the user. 
  • Our previously Flash-based streaming players have been upgraded to HTML5 compatibility. If a user is visiting this page on most mobile devices, including iPhones/iPads, they will also now receive the video pre-roll prior to streaming the station.

CRISTA Media has an expert digital team that can handle your video creative at an additional fee (starting at $500). See our CRISTA Media Production Rates for more info.

StationCPM QuestionMark.pngRecommended Impressions QuestionMark.png
SPIRIT 105.3 $40 40,000/mo.
PRAISE 106.5 $40 40,000/mo.
SPIRIT 105.9 $40 10,000/mo.
Includes: 15 Second 470x290 Video Pre-Roll
& 234x60 banner ad



Video Production Rates

CRISTA can create video for multiple campaigns on CRISTA websites including Video Pre-Roll, Video Vignettes and other customized sales packages.

Video pricing includes:

  • $500 flat fee for up to 5 ½ hours of video production and editing time.
  • Time that exceeds 5 ½ hours will be charged a $90 per hour fee.


If you would like to use your CRISTA created video on another site the charges are as follows:

  • $300 - this includes the rights to use CRISTA created property on a non-CRISTA station with no additional changes or edits made by CRISTA staff.
  • $300 plus $90 per hour - this includes the rights to use CRISTA created property on a non-CRISTA station with additional changes made by CRISTA staff. CRISTA will assess the changes and make a quote on a case by case basis.