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Imagine one of our DJs literally walking across the screen of our homepage endorsing or talking about your product or service. With our Live DJ Greeting Package, we bring your offer to the forefront of our listener's eyes and minds!

NOTE: Due to lack of Flash support in modern browsers, these types of creatives will take a new form with the same benefits as the previous "Live DJ Greeting" technology. Going forward, the videos will be confined to a 700x500 canvas that sits on top of the homepage via a lightbox effect, bringing maximum focus to your ad. We still offer green screen video shoots to make the video background transparent, allowing us to simulate the same DJ greeting feature, but rather than walking onto the the bottom corner of the website, they will walk onto the 700x500 canvas. This canvas can be designed to feature complimentary artwork specific to your brand, maximizing the impact of your campaign.

NEW Homepage Interstitial Example

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Previous Live DJ Greeting Examples

Unit Dimension: 728px X 90px
File Size:
40k recommended
Position Name:
Secondary Leaderboard
All Secondary Pages
Format Available:
JPEG, GIF, Flash (version 6-9)
Looping Restriction:
3 loops (max)
Animation Length:
15 sec
Please provide URL for click through
Seattle Aquarium
Verity - Cartwheel
Verity - 10 for 10
Cannon Beach
Marcy Jewelery
Day & Nite Plumbing & Heating
Campbell Nelson
Camano Island Coffee

How does it work?

  • When a unique visitor logs onto the website each day they are greeted by a SPIRIT or PRAISE DJ walking onto our home page.
  • DJ will welcome the visitor to our site and promote your product or service.
  • DJ can interact with the user in multiple ways (for example: throwing an object at the screen or driving up in a car.  This interaction will encourage users to click to go to the sponsor website or a feature page for more information.)
  • The DJ Greeting enhances the user experience as well as captures their attention delivering greater engagement and conversions for the client.

Client receives

  • This is a turnkey package for you! Our digital team will film and create your DJ Greeting in house on our green screen.
  • Creative is :15 seconds in length.
  • Up to 2 different DJ creative spots.
  • You will receive a click-through-rate report at the end of your campaign telling you the number of times a user clicked on your live DJ Greeting to visit your website to find out more information.


StationPriceImpressions QuestionMark.png
SPIRIT 105.3 $2,500 30,000
PRAISE 106.5 $2,000 20,000
SPIRIT 105.9 $1,200 15,000
*Rotated in with one other non-competing sponsor per site

Video Production Rates

CRISTA can create video for multiple campaigns on CRISTA websites including Video Pre-Roll, Video Vignettes and other customized sales packages.

Video pricing includes:

  • $500 flat fee for up to 5 ½ hours of video production and editing time.
  • Time that exceeds 5 ½ hours will be charged a $90 per hour fee.


If you would like to use your CRISTA created video on another site the charges are as follows:

  • $300 - this includes the rights to use CRISTA created property on a non-CRISTA station with no additional changes or edits made by CRISTA staff.
  • $300 plus $90 per hour - this includes the rights to use CRISTA created property on a non-CRISTA station with additional changes made by CRISTA staff. CRISTA will assess the changes and make a quote on a case by case basis.