Can Your Next Advertising Campaign Afford to Miss a Large Portion of the Population?


Identifying the "Christian Life Group"

In today’s life-style groups and psychographic segments, there are many to choose from.  One of the largest is the Christian life group.

Did you know that 76% of American adults consider themselves to be Christian?*

The Christian life group includes people from all walks of life: business executives, doctors, firemen, scientists, teachers and more.

* Source: 2008 American Religious Identity Survey conducted by Trinity College

Many of the World's Highly Recognizable
Entities Founded On Christian Principles

Prominent Educational Institutions





Renowned Global Brands





Non-Profits Delivering Hope






What Makes the Christian Life Group Unique as a Radio Audience?

AUDIENCE-Radio.pngContemporary Christian Music stations enjoy a high level of listener loyalty that can benefit advertisers.  The Contemporary Christian audience is shown to be far less likely to switch back and forth between stations in their radio listening when compared to other formats.* 

* Based on Arbitron P-1 listenership figures

Major Brands that Advertise on Contemporary Christian Music Stations to Access the Christian Life Group


The Pop Culture Impact

From the movies and television shows we watch to the entertainers and athletes we follow, members of the Christian life group are impactful drivers of American pop culture and trends.

Common Myths of the Format

"Contemporary Christian Music stations are religious stations."

Contemporary Christian Music stations are music intensive with an Adult Contemporary feel, appealing to people from many walks of life.

Contemporary Christian Music stations are simply a means to reaching a large group of consumers, similar to a country station reaching a country audience, or a rock station reaching the “rock life group”.

"Contemporary Christian Music stations are controversial."

Contemporary Christian Music stations are not a forum for political agendas and debate. 

They are music stations that program positive and encouraging music.  Station DJ’s and programming content provide a family-friendly environment that is uplifting.